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L' étoile Cafe

L' étoile Cafe
160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953
Tues-Fri/Ph Eve: 11am-10pm,
Closed on Mondays

We were attracted by the lazy afternoon setting as we walked past it one Sunday afternoon. Being avid dating places reviewers, we just had to check it out!

Guys have always wanted the best of both worlds, to go out with their Missus but also to spend precious time with their RPG character (as I understand it, Diablo III is the latest craze). Guys, this is a dream come true for you, this is THE place to spend your lazy afternoon at, free Wifi for you to log on and level up your character whilst the Missus soaks in the lazy weekend afternoon ambience, just sitting idly by, people watching. Perfect!

Tip: Do not be too engrossed in the game that you neglect the Missus!

The two storey cafe is tastefully decorated, chic, stylish and with a touch of nostalgia (exemplified by the grandfather clock).

For the Missus who can't resist shopping, the owners are very entrepreneurial to sell various cute accessories!

A review of a cafe can't be complete without a cursory mention of the food and beverages. We ordered Nutella with French crepes. The servings of Nutella were generous and goes really well with the French crepes.

Nutella with French Crepes - 7.90++

Quite a fair price to pay for quality time to spend with your RPG character, oh and the Missus of course!


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