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Sentosa Boardwalk Part I

6 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Boardwalk: 24 hours, daily

DGW had a sudden craving for some Malaysian food and immediately thought of heading over to the Malaysia Food Street located at Resorts World Sentosa! Just the thought of it should excite your taste buds.

Anyways we took the opportunity to explore the latest way to enter into Sentosa. Yup, Bus 11 which previously wasn't available is now plying the route from Harbour Front to Sentosa! :-) One can now travel into Sentosa on foot via the Sentosa Boardwalk taking a leisurely stroll enjoying the lush greenery with panoramic view of the bay as one travels on foot in the comfort of canopy-covered travellators

Its really very convenient to travel to Sentosa on foot now as there are travellators for those who crave the convenience.

Enough of travellators, DGW recommends to take the time to soak in the views but more on that later. After 15 minutes or so, we arrived at our destination. Malaysia Food Street!

Wow, it really feels like we were in Malaysia, the decor replete with shophouses and all. On to the food!

TIP: DGW queued for over 40 minutes at the Dark Hokkien Mee stall (queues at other stalls were more or less the same). To avoid your significant half being angry (a hungry man is an angry man!), DGW suggests you bring something to "chope" seats, otherwise queuing alone will as the saying goes "its all going to end in tears!".

Time passes faster when you have company and someone to talk to. This would be a good place for idle chat to get to know each other better!

We ordered the Dark Hokkien Mee and Prawn Mee which were quickly wolfed down as DGW was very very hungry after queuing for 40 minutes.

Dark Hokkien Mee

Prawn Mee

DGW doesn't know if it was because they were hungry but the food was very good! The Hokkien Mee when paired with the dark sauce, infused the noodles with a fragrant aroma which suffice to say just leaves you wanting for more, whilst the Prawn Mee had a reddish broth seldom found in Singapore stalls. One sip of the broth and you can feel the ommph of the red broth! ahhhh Satisfying....

After satisfying the stomach and getting to know one another better after queuing for food together, its time to move on to after dinner activities!


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